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About us


Almanar was established in 2006 with focus on custom design services , providing multiple solutions for variety of business aspects including but not limited to industrial control, M2M, communication and medical applications.

We gained our sheer expertise over years in providing precise and ultra functional products. Our hardware design team supports high reliability and efficiency solutions along with mastering hi-speed and multilayer PCBs in addition to rigorous switched mode power supplies.


Almanar has broadened its business to cover DSP processors and FPGAs to the baseline design in microcontrollers. Our communication solutions include power line communication, GSM and wireless ISM sub-band 1GHz and 2.4GHz.

Almanar has used a wide range of Protocol stacks for wireless sensor networks WSN, Building management systems BMS and industrial control.

The Firmware team has a proven experience with baseline 4bit microcontrollers up to 32bit microprocessors with wide range of compilers and IDE’s with special focus on ARM based designs.

Mission & Vision

Vision: To be one of the top companies in the region in the field of electronics & embedded systems design.

Mission: To be the partner of choice for outsourcing design services in the field of Electronics and Embedded Systems by offering the most innovative solutions utilizing state of the art technologies.

Core Values

Uncompromising Integrity






Customer Satisfaction

Continuous development

Optimized Quality, Time & Cost solutions

Design Services

Almanar makes its accumulated experience over years available for its customers of Design Services.
The R&D team has a proved experience with several multinational companies in different fields
Medial devices, protocol stacks, Telecommunications low level drivers, automation, M2M, aerospace and consumer electronics are some of our design experiences.
Our Design Services starts from suggesting the suitable solution for you according to your needs and conditions and includes HW design, FW Design , components sourcing, PCB design, Assembly and Manufacturing.

Electronic Design

Alamanar has a very good experience with Analog and digital electronics including Power Supplies , RF & Hi speed Digital

PCB Layout

We offer PCB layout from single layer up 28 layers with impedance control , our team has a good experience with Hi-speed digital design, RF AFE and PCB antenna designs.
We can create foot prints for your complicated mechanical designs and enclosures as well.

Embedded Systems

Embedded design team has good experience with a wide range of processors from basic 4 bit micro-controllers up to 32bit microcontrollers/micro-processors with focus on ARM microcontrollers. We have a proved experience with porting SW between several platforms and OS’s , also we have good experience with building BSP’s and using RTOS’s.

Advanced Designes

Almanar can do CPLD/FPGA or DSP/DSC designs as well based on customer needs, implementation may start with algorithms in C or Matlab or standards documentation.

Our Products

Generic M2M GateWay

Generic M2M Gateway with embedded Web server and interface for several communication modules, the board support Wireless M-Bus, SimpliciTI, ModBus, BaCNet & Zigbee. (fits in many industrial boxes)

Generic M2M Modules

Modules for M2M can be used With the Generic Gateway or without it



WiFi Module

Complete WIFI with Embedded TCP/IP stack and inverted F PCB antenna.

RS232 interface Board

UART to RS232 interface Board

RS485 Interface Board

UART to RS485 interface Board


Quad Band GSM module with UART interface and optional PCB antenna. Module contains an Embedded TCP/IP and UDP/IP stacks

USB Interface Board

UART to USB interface Board.

ISM 433MHz/868MHZ/915MHz Module

ISM Band transceivers with PCB antenna and optional SMA connector for external antenna.

2.4 GHZ Modules

2.4 GHz transceiver with PCB antenna and optional SMA connector for external antenna


IO Expander Board

I2C IO expander with 8 digital GPIO’s and expandable up to 64 GPIO

KINDI Nerve locator

KINDI Nerve Locator & Mapper
Constant current pulses, Current range from .05mA to 5mA, External load up to 20Kohm
High resolution graphic Display, Frequency 1Hz & 2Hz, Pulse 100uSec, 300uSec , 500uSec and 1mSec.
Small handy size.


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